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You don't need to be a genius to learn a new language fast. You just need the right (FLR) method.
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See the World From A New Perspective

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Billy After 8 Months Of FLR Mandarin

Mandarin Chinese tops the list of most popular languages in the world, with nearly one billion speakers. English is actually a distant third with just under 350 million. The need to learn languages other than English has never been greater.

Thinking In Only One Language Limits Your Ability To Think

A language is more than just words. It's how cultures express themselves. It's a different way to process, understand and apply information. Thinking only in your native language, limits your understanding of the intricacies of the world around you.
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Just 3 Months Of FLR Cantonese
Start speaking right away!

Learn a New Language Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

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Audio Based Learning
While FLR course material consists of both audio and written language, the audio is where FLR shines because it progressively multiplies your learning ability.
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Start Speaking Right Away
With FLR, you can actually start speaking your target language in as little as two weeks. Unlike most language courses, the goal with FLR is to start talking now.
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Learn Multiple Languages Fast
Since FLR allows you to start speaking right away with native speakers, you can learn multiple languages fast. Speaking allows you to hear the language better as well.

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The Fastest Way To Start Learning A Language

FLR is structured in a way that methodically builds your understanding of a language progressively so you understand and can start piecing it together in  weeks, not years. 
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