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Moses (Laoshu) Is Available For FLR Tutoring & Consultation Services

The SECRET To Language Learning Success!

Learn Your Target Language Faster Than With FLR Alone
In order to get amazing results in your language learning or with anything else you try for that matter, you need three things.
1. Coaching
2. A System/Method
3. Accountability
The FLR coaching program was put together with those three things in mind. You'll get one on one tutoring for at least 4 hours a week over the course of three months. You will also meet with a native speaker of your target language at the end of every week during the course to test your progress. Moses understands how to help you get the most out of your time.


  • Sentence Building
  • Comprehension
  • Translation
  • Reading/Listening

Materials Needed

  • FLR Level 1


  • Continued Sentence Building
  • Comprehensionn
  • Translation
  • Reading/Listening

Materials Needed

  • FLR Level 2

This Is Where The Switch Flips & You Start Understanding Your Target Language In A Way You Probably Never Thought Possible


  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Translation
  • Reading/Listening
  • Conversation

Materials Needed

  • FLR Running Over Series
  • Formal Coursebook


  • Spontaneous Conversation
  • Essays/Discussion on preferred topics

Materials Needed

  • Current Media Material

Moses Will Get You Results...

In 2008, Moses began his private tutoring business in the Columbus, Ohio, picking up students through fliers, Craigslist and word of mouth. His first pupil was a young woman who was moving to Japan in two months. Moses took her from a total beginner to being able to read, including essential Kanji, and understand and communicate through basic language structure.

His third student was a third-year learner in OSU’s Japanese program who was interested in using Japanese for a future career, but had little conversational ability. After just two months with Moses, he took the Japanese Language Placement Test Level 3 and passed.

FLR's Purpose

Learning a language isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, time and motivation and method in order to come to the state of being able to utilize the language in real life situations. Many people desire to learn a language and have even attempted to do so, but failed due to one of the main problems, which is the direction. Many people don’t know where to start or how to continue on a path that will eventually help then reach their goals.
The purpose of FLR is to put the student on the right path at the beginning so that they can continue on that path that will eventually lead to success. We not only give the student(s) the material they’ll need to begin a swift start, but also provide them with the necessary steps that will be applicable when learning any other language.
At this point, for the student, an instructor wouldn’t be necessary. The student(s) will have acquired the necessary skills to become a solid autodidact for language learning.

Group & 1 On 1 Tutoring Available

Choose the option that's right for you


Moses can help answer any questions you have or help you move past any sticking points keeping you from attaining your language goals.
Hands On Help


During your coaching period, Moses will take you from beginner to conversational in your target language while also being able to read and write basic script.
3 Month Duration


Group coaching is similar to one one one but there are three students instead of one. Everything else is the same as one on one coaching.
Each 3 Or More Students

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